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Comeback vs Come from Behind

Bernie Sanders inspired some pedantry when he said that Golden State had a “comeback” victory.

Pedants argue that since the Warriors never lead the series against the Thunder, they just “came from behind”.

Every article I’ve read about the Warriors/Thunder series uses “comeback”.

I could try to justify it with the fact that the Warriors are the defending champions and had the #1 record in the regular season and were favored to win the series, but I think most writers just think they’re the same thing.

As an aside, it seems like the Warriors were able to keep the referee that has been against them off the floor last night. If they had followed the normal rotation, he should’ve been there last night. #TheNBAisFixed #TheSystemisRigged

Referee Scott Foster, Public Enemy No. 1 with Warriors fans, will not work Game 7 Monday in Oakland.

Ref Foster won’t work Warriors-Thunder Game 7 • 2016 May 30 • KNBR AM 680

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