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Political Reality

Unless something catastrophic happens between now and June 7th (like a stock market crash or a banking scandal or a federal indictment or whatever), this is probably how it’s going to play out. The more moderate Sanders supporters will resign themselves to voting for Clinton in November and the more radical Sanders supporters will stay home or vote for Jill Stein or Trump or do something else that’s totally crazy and counterproductive, and Sanders’ personal political future will depend entirely on whether or not he reconciles with the Democratic establishment.

Why I think Bernie Sanders will drop out and endorse Hillary Clinton soon • 2016 Jun 1 • Matthew Yglesias • Policy & Politics • Vox

The flip side is that Sanders has absolutely no reason to drop out before June 7th and anyone who thinks he should is utterly blind to political reality regardless of what the math says. (While I don’t think it’s going to happen unless something catastrophic happens—see above—you have to remember that the reason superdelegates were created in the first place was exactly so that the establishment could overturn the will of the people.)

And while people will continue to argue pointlessly about whether or not Sanders is a Democrat, Yglesias’ argument is similar to what I think: regardless of whether Sanders is (I-VT) or (D-VT) (he’s officially the latter since the NH primary), he is de facto a Democrat when it comes to how he functions in Senate and that matters a lot more than what he calls himself.

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