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One Space or Two

The anti-prescriptivist part of me thinks you should be able to choose between one or two spaces. It’s the prescription of either as the only correct way that’s totally and utterly wrong. The Romans didn’t even use spacing or punctuation for that matter or even the letters G, J, U, or W, and those guys conquered all of Europe and signficant chunks of N Africa and the Middle East, so clearly typography is a very infinitesimal concern for a burgeoning civilization ;)

But the part of me that decries the total disdain of expertise that is part and parcel of anti-intellectualism thinks that if typographers and style guides all agree that one space is preferred, then we should prefer one space.

Space Invaders • Why you should never, ever sue two spaces after a period • 2011 Jan 12 • Farhad Manjoo • Slate

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