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The Failings of American Culture

Improved mental health access is often touted in the wake of mass shootings, often in lieu of any meaningful anti-gun proliferation efforts.

This is problematic because, while, yes, we do need improved mental health access, most people with mental illness are not violent, and most murderers and other violent people are not mentally ill.

The failure is greater and broader and lies in American culture, specifically in the sense that American culture disdains a strong social safety net. Improved mental health access doesn’t even begin to address the major factors that drive people to violence.

We would need to address our failures at dealing with domestic violence, our generalized inability to protect those who need the most protection, our refusal to sufficiently fund law enforcement agencies because we don’t want to pay taxes, and even if we do fund them, they tend to have a misguided focus on reactive punishment of crime and long-term incarceration—particularly of non-violent criminals—rather than prevention of crime and rehabilitation of criminals—and often times for profit.

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