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ISIS was a Red Herring

Mentioning ISIS was a publicity stunt and everyone clamoring about “radical Islam” fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

According to law enforcement, this guy’s profile has more in common with white U.S.-born mass shooters than with radicalized foreigners1

Investigators Say Orlando Shooter Showed Few Warning Signs Of Radicalization • 2016 Jun 18 • Merrit Kennedy • the two-way • NPR

He mentioned ISIS so he could trend on Twitter and Facebook2

While it does seem that the shooter was a practicing Muslim, there’s still a big leap from a trolling asshole American mass murderer who happens to be a Muslim to becoming an ideologically committed agent of ISIS, unless you’re trying to promote the notion that all Muslims are de facto radical militants.

In any case, law enforcement seems to think the ISIS shout-out is a red herring.3

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