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Brexit, Neoliberalism, and Global Capitalism

Between Donald Trump and the Brexit (not to mention all the other ultranationalist populist movements in Europe) sometimes I feel like Western Civilization is in terminal decline.

The post-apocalypse will be a fight between the people who believe neoliberalism and global capitalism have failed vs. the people who believe liberal democracy has failed.

Brexit was a rejection of Britain’s governing elite. Too bad the elites were right. • 2016 Jun 25 • Jeremy Shapiro • Vox

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Ultimately, the Brexit was a populist reaction towards the political and economic system of neoliberalism and global capitalism that a majority of people believe has failed them.

It’s clear that this discontent is fermenting worldwide. The popularity of Sanders and of Trump is clear evidence that this discontent is significantly present in the U.S.

Sanders and democratic socialism would’ve been a progressive way to address the failings of neoliberalism and global capitalism. In contrast, Trumpism is an anti-democratic reactionary answer to those failings.

But it’s clear that ignoring those failings is a great way to lose elections.

It amazes me how the New York Times, Washington Post, and other mainstream media continue to analyze Bernie’s campaign successes without acknowledging the power of his message. That’s also been the response of the Democratic Party — wondering how to win over Bernie’s supporters without Bernie’s message. The truth is, his message was (and continues to be) the heart of his appeal.

Robert Reich

Bernie Sanders Campaign Showed How to Turn Viral Moments into Money • 2016 Jun 24 • Nick Corasaniti • New York Times

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