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Don Quixote, Neo, and Tyler Durden

I’ve been binge-watching “The Expanse” and all the Don Quixote references have made me ponder how Cervantes basically anticipated a lot of the themes in “The Matrix” and in “Inception” and it’s making my perception of “The Expanse” feel way more Philip K. Dick-ian than it might deserve.

With the mention of the grueling physical violence that the protagonist is subjected to, it also makes me realize that Cervantes anticipated a lot of the tropes in “Fight Club” (and by extension, “Mr. Robot”)

There’s a Reddit post about how “Fight Club” is really just Don Quixote from the viewpoint of Sancho Panza, but I think that’s off the mark. “Fight Club” is Don Quixote from the viewpoint of Alfonso Quixano, and I wonder if someone has already written an actual version of Don Quixote in this manner….

Did Miguel de Cervantes Invent Fiction With ‘Don Quixote’? • 2016 Feb 17 • Jonathon Sturgeon • Flavorwire (h/t S.L.)

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