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The Continual Whitewashing of Science Fiction

Whitewash all the things.

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No mention at all of Octavia Butler? Really?

The NYT Called This White Guy “Daring” for Tackling Slavery Through Sci-Fi. Uh, No. • Slate’s Culture Blog • 2016 Jul 6 • J. Holtham • Browbeat • Slate


One of my regrets in life is when I once went to the Midnight Special Bookstore in Santa Monica when Octavia Butler was signing books. I wanted her to sign my used copy of the Xenogenesis trilogy but I could only find my beat-up paperback copy of Adulthood Rites and I got shy and didn’t ask her for an inscription.1

I also find it ironic that the only reason I started reading Octavia Butler was because Orson Scott Card used her writing in multiple examples in his book How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy2

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