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Put Out the Fires First

It troubles met that on the same day that Hillary Clinton picked a centrist Democrat as her running mate, Wikileaks released documentation of the DNC actively trying to suppress Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

In isolation, the Tim Kaine pick is neutral at worst, but in conjunction with the DNC’s obvious distaste for progressive politics, it brings back into question whether or not Clinton will actually pursue the Democratic Party agenda that was inspired mostly by Sanders.

Backlash from the progressive wing of the Democratic Party is probably to be expected and the neoliberal wing of the Democratic Party is likely to end up on the defensive.

Instead of fighting conservatives and fascists, they’ll end up having to shore up their leftward flank instead, and the outcome in November might be terrible.

There’s the analogy of choosing between getting your head cut off and getting your limbs cut off. The “rational” and “objective” people think it’s obvious that getting your head cut off is the worse decision.

I don’t want Trump to win but I fear he will because the people who want Clinton to win do not seem to care at all about the people who feel like they have no political voice.

If the System has worked out for you, the choice is easy, but if you have no stake in the System or if the System is actually actively harming or even killing you, getting your head chopped off might not even be your worst option.

And I will admit, on the net balance, the System has worked for me. But I work regularly with people who are younger than I am who have more people depending on them than I do who haven’t been anywhere nearly as fortunate as I’ve been.

And while I’ve never talked about politics directly with them because it’s not my place and it has no bearing on how I serve them, I try my best to empathize with their situations.

And if you’re on fire and someone tells you that you have to decide right now whether to get your head chopped off or your limbs choped off, that decision might not really seem like the most urgent thing.

The only way to reach them is to put out the fire first. And 108 days isn’t a lot of time to do that.

I suspect that demonizing people for not wanting to vote for Clinton is not going to be a very successful strategy for convincing them to vote for Clinton.

If you’re demanding that people with fewer resources than you just suck it up and do things your way with the threat of utter catastrophe looming over their heads and you’re not helping them get what they need—what they’re asking for—to survive, and you’re not helping remove the barriers that keep them from doing things your way, then you’re just punching down.

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