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Wannabe Kleptocrat

Most of Trump’s economic advisers run hedge funds or are major figures in the real estate industry. Oh, and he has a couple of actual economists, one of whom advised both Reagan and GHWB. Trump basically wants a group of foxes to watch the henhouse. So maybe I’m wrong. Trump isn’t a fascist. It looks like he’s just a straight-up wannabe kleptocrat.

Trump Names Wall Street And Real Estate Titans As Economic Advisers • 2016 Aug 5 • Jim Zarroli • NPR

Honestly, it seems like he’s totally telegraphing the fact that if gets elected, he’s simply going to plunder the country and flee to somewhere where he can’t get extradited.

Given that his campaign manager is Paul Manafort, it totally strikes me that this is basically what Ferdinand Marcos tried to do, except he was too close to death to actually enjoy his ill-gotten wealth. (And to this day, no one really know where all the money that Marcos plundered from the Philippines went.)

Also, I am reminded of the lyrics to the Radiohead song “Idioteque”

We’re not scaremongering
This is really happening, happening
We’re not scaremongering This is really happening, happening Mobiles skwerking, mobiles chirping
Take the money and run, take the money and run
Take the money!

“Idioteque”” by “Radiohead” • “Genius”

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