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2016 Mar 22
Ihre Papiere, Bitte

An anti-Trump protester with the last name of "Gonzalez" gets transferred to ICE custody. You can probably draw your own conclusions.

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2016 Jun 14
Donald Trump and White Supremacy

The sad thing is that if you think about it, white supremacy has been the concept of what it means to be American since before the beginning. Even in the early 20th century some types of white people were considered unassimilable. This didn't really change until the 1960s which saw the (almost) complete legalization of the citizenship of people of color. But I'm certain lots of Americans still think people of color are unassimilable.

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2016 Jun 29
U.K. vs. E.U. on Xenophobia

From what I understand, no matter how you spin it, a lot of voters in the Leave camp are anti-immigrant.

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2016 Jul 5
Islamophobia is Merely Racism

It's obvious that there's a racist component to Islamophobia. It's mostly just another excuse to hate brown and black people, especially when you consider that so many victims of Islamophobia in the U.S. aren't even Muslim.

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2016 Jul 19
Master of Deflection

In Trump's America™, it's Hillary Clinton's fault that Melania Trump's speechwriters plagiarized Michelle Obama's speech.

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2016 Aug 8
Philippines is a Terrorist Nation

I wonder how this is going to play out with the many reliably GOP faction of Filipino Americans?

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