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2015 Dec 16
Driverless Cars

I was listening to a brief snippet of a radio talk show and the topic was driverless cars. As far as the guest was concerned, driverless cars are inevitable (one of the things they touched upon is that since they're safer, insurance companies are probably going start charging higher prices for cars that require a driver.)

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2016 Jan 6

For some reason, I don't think this is what people who are pro-automation and pro-technology had in mind. #automationFTW

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2016 Apr 15
The Robot Uprising Already Happened

Most jobs left that are front-facing (i.e., that require person-to-person interaction) will probably not be satisfactorily automatable until AI becomes much more powerful.

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2016 May 25
Comprehensive Eye Exams

There is an app called Opternative that checks your visual acuity. For $40, an ophthalmologist can review the findings from the app remotely and write a lens prescription.

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2016 Jul 11
Automation and the Increasing Value of Social Skills

Automation has already happened. The robots have already taken over most of the jobs that robots can perform. And it's already had major effects.

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