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2016 May 9
The Center Cannot Hold

The problem with being pragmatic is that you tend to underestimate other people's frustration and anger. Because you could never imagine wanting to wreck the whole thing, you have a deep and abiding belief that no one would ever desire such utter and complete wreckage.

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2016 May 19
Trump Leads Clinton

Caveats: yeah, it's a Fox News poll, the margin is well within the error range, polls this far out from the general election are mostly useless, Trump has already clinched the nomination while Clinton hasn't, etc., etc., but, still, it kind of freaks me out. [#‎AllHailPresidentTrump](/tag/all-hail-president-trump "tag: All Hail President Trump • mahiwaga"

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2016 Jul 26
BoBs and PUMAs

There is definitely a contingent of Sanderistas who were never Democrats and who will never vote for Clinton, very similar to the PUMAs who refused to vote for Obama. Clinton will never win them over.

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