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2015 Aug 10

Chasing "undecided" voters is a lot like chasing unicorns. But even if they do truly exist, they are such a statiscally vanishingly tiny percentage of the electorate that it's berserk to pursue them.

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2016 Feb 26
Hillary Clinton has no chance among young PoC

Clinton reacted badly to being interrupted by #BlackLivesMatter protester Ashley Williams. I think this is going to cost her among young PoCs. But she's not doing great in this demographic anyway.

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2016 Jul 18
Justice vs. Antistatism

If you've decided to totally conflate people killing cops with people standing up for their right of due process and right to equal protection, that's really on you. You're the one committing a grave category error that will only ensure things will get far worse.

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2016 Jul 21
They Will Shoot You Anyway

Jesus fucking Christ. At least Charles Kinsey isn't dead. And it is Florida. But what the fuck?

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