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2006 Jun 5
intuition ain’t all it’s cracked up to be

I wonder if maybe the main reason why guys don’t listen to their sixth sense is the fact that most of the time it tells us completely freaky stuff over which we have no control over.

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2006 Jun 5
less portentious than that

OK, I didn’t mean to make my last post sound ominous. Maybe it’s because tomorrow is June 6. (You know, 6/6/06. I don’t think the Devil really gives a damn about the vagaries of the Julian and Gregorian calendars, so it probably doesn’t have any significance to him, although it may very well have significance to some Satanist or nihilistic terrorists a la Columbine.)

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2007 May 8
already tired

How is it that I did almost essentially nothing today, and yet by early evening I’m already exhausted?

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2007 Sep 4
hot. continued.

The expected high temperature today is supposedly 90°F but the humidity is up to 60% and I’m already going out of my mind. It’s time to find a place with A/C to hang out.

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2011 Mar 5
why did don quixote cross the road?

The Western genre as treated by Hollywood is itself like a cultural palimpsest. Long before Hollywood was even a metonymic signifier for the entertainment industry, the westward expansion and the genocidal Indian Wars driven by Manifest Destiny were already the equivalent of America's Dark Ages, at the very least in the sense that mythology and legend could be easily inserted into that period without running too much afoul of history. (Like how Europe's Dark Ages are ornamented by King Arthur, and Roland and the paladins of Charlemagne, and the lost Ninth Roman Legion beyond Hadrian's Wall, to name a few that come easily to mind.)

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2015 Jul 14
Neil deGrasse Tyson defends Pope Francis on Climate Change

The Pope employs a dozen full time astrophysicsts as part of the four century old Vatican Observatory. Yes, it's possible to be a supreme holy figure yet still know what you are talking about regarding the climate.

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2015 Oct 27
Very Pacific Dreams

I dreamt that ミA彡 and I lived in post-apocalyptic Southern California after the sea level had risen 60 meters after catastrophic melting of the ice caps. The U.S. had collapsed, California was (once again) it's own sovereign state, and the center of global power had moved to China and to South America.

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2016 Jan 29
Eradicating Mosquitoes

Apparently, the only thing mosquitoes are really good at is spreading disease. Anything they do (pollination, serving as food for birds and fish) can be done by other species who don't bite humans and drink human blood.

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2016 Mar 1
Osama Bin Laden and Climate Change

For some, this is evidence that some causes cross all ideological lines and even a theocratic sociopathic mass murderer (no, I'm not talking about Ted Cruz) can care about the planet. For others, this is proof positive that acting against climate change is doing the bidding of terrorists.

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2016 Mar 4
Open Tabs

Trying to close down some of the open tabs in Chrome.

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2016 Aug 5
Algal Blooms and Climate Change

I've wasted lots of time arguing with climate change deniers, but maybe they'll go swim in a lake someday.

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