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2015 Jul 10
Alternative Medicine and Conspiracy Theories

I got sucked into following this story about three seemingly unrelated health care providers who incorporated alternative medicine into their practice who were all murdered within a short period of time. I even have Google Alerts for their names.

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2015 Nov 5
Bras Don't Cause Breast Cancer

In case you were worried, bras don't appear to cause breast cancer.

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2015 Dec 16
San Bernardino and the Media

So I'm keeping my #ConspiracyTheories in abeyance, but at the very least, the #MSM fucked this up.

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2016 Feb 19
Fluoride Neurotoxicity

I ran into a post about how fluoride has been classified as a neurotoxin. This should make all the conspiracy theorists salivate.

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2016 Feb 26
It's a Conspiracy!

Oh, the crazy shit that flows through my Facebook newsfeed.

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