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2001 Apr 15
The Colon

This family thing is really getting to me. Maybe it’s all biological? I am a clockwork orange after all….

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2001 Sep 22
The Last Day of Summer

The last day of summer always feels so cold.

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2002 Dec 25
So This Is Christmas

This is the Day.

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2006 May 13
the journey not taken

let this not end, I thought to myself
as the children yawned
and the conversation died
and I thought of the moon
shining only because of reflected sunlight
otherwise it is a dark, lifeless place

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2006 May 14
an even more perfect sunrise

So, yeah, I clearly have my issues with regards to how things in the past have (and, more relevant) have not gone. I mean, we’re talking a good eight or nine years now of what-never-was and what-cannot-be, and I really can’t think about these things without getting disordered. Er, more disordered than I already am.

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2016 Aug 1
In Other News

My brother is going to be a father!