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2006 Sep 29
fascism declared in america

So what has really twisted my mind is the fact that habeas corpus has been suspended and the Authorities can basically disappear people, just like in corrupt developing countries. I really didn’t think I would see the Republic of the United States of America fall within my lifetime, but I guess I was just in denial.

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2016 Mar 4
Open Tabs

Trying to close down some of the open tabs in Chrome.

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2016 Mar 9

The L.A. Times asks "Is Donald Trump a fascist?".

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2016 Mar 21
American Despotism

I think the fact that Trump will be a despot if elected and already has an obviously despotic personality is readily apparent to (1) anyone who grew up in a developing country (2) anyone whose parents are from a developing country and quite possibly fled to the U.S. because of despotism (3) anyone who actually paid attention in high school history class.

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2016 May 20
The Realignment of the U.S.

Matt Taibbi already deconstructed how absurd Andrew Sullivan's argument is—the problem with the U.S. isn't that it's too democratic—but I do think there's a chance that Trump will win and I do think the backlash might make our system even less democratic than it already is.

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