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2000 Nov 15
Fight Club Quotes; Election Commentary; Poetry; Other Randomness

The title says it all

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2001 Dec 3
My Random Self

More insane garbage spewing out of my mind. Anything to pass the time more quickly. I can’t wait to go home.

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2002 Jan 6

For every punch in the gut you take, sometimes they give you a lollipop. Doesn’t do much for the pain, but hey, you take what you get, right?

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2003 Sep 25
maybe god doesn't like you

Homer Simpson sympathizes with God and understands why the Flood had to happen.

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2015 Dec 22
Fight Club

So I had this weird dream that I was at work. But instead of my usual office, it looked like the Whitefeather law firm from "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" and it was a combination internal medicine-pediatrics clinic and dental office.

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2016 May 26
What's the Emoji for Mayhem?

Imagine an updated version of "Fight Club" where instead of blowing up buildings, Tyler Durden merely creats a botnet that automatically creats hundreds of billions of fake accounts with emojis in their nicknames based off stolen identities, and Project Mayhem's only responsibility is to answer phones and pretend to be the people whose identities were stolen… (I think I may have thought too hard about this….)

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2016 Jul 8
Don Quixote, Neo, and Tyler Durden

I've been binge-watching "The Expanse" and all the Don Quixote references have made me ponder how Cervantes basically anticipated a lot of the themes in "The Matrix" and in "Inception" and it's making my perception of "The Expanse" feel way more Philip K. Dick-ian than it might deserve.

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