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2001 Oct 19
High Intensity White Noise (Flight of Ideas)

No I’m not crazy. Yet. God give me strength.

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2001 Nov 8
Drama and Desperation

Can we say bipolar disorder? So high you can’t get over it. So low you can’t get under it. But I already knew what I needed to know. For some reason I just forgot. Added bonus: a little microbiology lesson.

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2003 May 31
The Road Goes Ever On and On — Revisited

Ah, to return from exile. Does nothing ever last? At least longer than an effervescent moment?

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2003 Jul 20
Getting A Grip

One handhold at a time. This is definitely nowhere near perfect, but it’s better than wanting to kill yourself all the time. Oh. And I gave in to my inner demons and bought a digital camera.

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2006 Aug 15
ten trillion ideas

I feel like I’m completely losing my mind. There are like ten trillion ideas whizzing around my brain. This can’t be good for me.

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