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2003 Aug 26
med school fear of blood desensitize

This Google query leads to an old blog entry. Despite dealing with bleeding literally almost every single day, I’m still not immune from syncopizing from a vasovagal reaction at the sight of my own blood.

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2007 Nov 3
the continuing evolution of google

The transformation of the Matrix (also known as Google) is at hand.

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2007 Nov 6
the jig is up (the desktop is dead, long live the web appliance)

Well, ain’t this a kick in Microsoft’s pants?

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2007 Nov 7
hasta la vista, baby!

More news about the Internet appliance cum computer: the ASUS P5E3 Deluxe sports a mini-OS called Splashtop, similar to the Phoenix Hyperspace Mini OS which I mentioned previously. The writer seems to be missing the bigger picture, which is that your primary OS resides on the Web. (Specifically, Google OS)

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2008 Feb 17
google reader

I find it really ironic. Despite the fact that I'm drawn to technology, I find myself resisting dominant trends. When everyone had CD players, I was still hanging on to cassette tapes. When the world was dominated with x86 clones, I was still banging away at my 8-bit Commodore 64. When Windows 3.0 came out, I stuck with MS-DOS.

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2008 Nov 26
the storm

Disclaimer: I do not own an iPhone, although I do own an iPod Touch.

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2015 Jul 30
Google ngrams

In an effort to become even less prescriptivist and even more descriptivist, I've decided to stop using dictionaries to determine proper spelling and have started relying on Google ngrams usage data instead.

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2015 Nov 3
Google Retrospective

I am exactly eight years back on my quixotic quest to completely migrate my old blog posts from Mephisto to Jekyll.

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2015 Dec 16
Driverless Cars

I was listening to a brief snippet of a radio talk show and the topic was driverless cars. As far as the guest was concerned, driverless cars are inevitable (one of the things they touched upon is that since they're safer, insurance companies are probably going start charging higher prices for cars that require a driver.)

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2016 Jun 3
Everything You Do to Stop Skynet from Happening Makes Skynet Inevitable

Hmm. What semicompetent AI isn't going to figure out how to disable the off switch first?

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