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2002 Oct 28
The Way of the Gun

Don’t shoot, shoot, shoot that thing at me.

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2015 Dec 4
The Solution to Dangerous People with Guns is More Dangerous People with Guns

I was just joking about it when I said it, but I never really thought that Congress would seriously protect the rights of people on terrorist watch lists to purchase guns without difficulty.

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2016 Apr 14
Sandy Hook and Tanks

Bushmaster Firearms is being sued for selling AR-15s, which was one of the weapons Adam Lanza used to mow down first graders in 2012.

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2016 Jun 14
The Failings of American Culture

Improved mental health access is often touted in the wake of mass shootings, often in lieu of any meaningful anti-gun proliferation efforts.

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2016 Jul 25
Yes, People Die in the U.S. Because of Our Politics

It's ridiculous to argue that people in this country don't get killed for political reasons.

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