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2006 Nov 23
in memory of indigenous peoples

Much like Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Day has the taint of Western Imperialism on it. It’s just the sad fact of history, and I do try my best not to make too much of it. Just like black people can reclaim the word “nigger,” and gay and lesbian people can reclaim the word “queer,” perhaps we people of color can simply re-appropriate Thanksgiving Day and recreate it so that it doesn’t underscore nor elide the destruction of indigenous culture, and perhaps still be a meaningful day of thanksgiving.

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2015 Nov 14
The Opposite of Civilization is War

The people who promote the "clash of civilizations" paradigm are predictable and unsurprising. They say that accommodation and multiculturalism don't work at all, and while they may not say it out loud, their only solution seems to be genocide.

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2016 Feb 26
Communism and Imperialism

There were really at least two lessons from the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the U.S.S.R.:

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2016 Jul 15
Sexualizing Imperialism

I don't know if this is really true, but it struck me that in that many cases, people describe the country that they're from as the "motherland" when they're immigrants or the children of immigrants. (And it's generally no accident that the country they currently live probably colonized the country that they or their parents came from.)

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