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2012 Nov 29
willful blindness?

How is it that libertarians can talk at obnoxious length about how certain behaviors by private entities are totally justified and not immoral while the exact same behaviors performed or sanctioned by the state are violations of human rights, but when you try to explain how racism is bigotry plus state power and/or sanction and/or influence, and without the state reinforcement it's not the same thing and definitely not the same level of oppression, they're all "Huh?!?"

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2015 Aug 25

The petulance of some libertarian arguments makes me wonder how much of the attitude is derived from childhood experience where the child declaimed "You can't make me!" and their parents made them do whatever anyway, resulting in perpetual indignation that only waxed into adulthood.

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2016 Jan 22
Star Wars vs. Star Trek

In Star Wars, the State is the enemy and the Rebellion is a libertarian/anarchocapitalist-religious fundamentalist utopia that glorifies asymmetric warfare/terrorism while in Star Trek, the State is a (mostly) benevolent democratic socialist utopia that emphasizes diplomacy and peacemaking.

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2016 May 26
Libertarian Utopia

Ayn Rand, Rand Paul and Paul Ryan walk into a bar. The bartender serves them tainted alcohol because there are no regulations. They die.

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2016 Aug 4
Anarchocapitalism and Medicine

Prior to Medicare and Medicaid and before employee-provided health insurance, health care was a luxury only the wealthy could afford, and most diseases and all cases of severe trauma were completely untreatable. I'm not sure why people think the era before the advent of antibiotics, modern emergency rooms, and positive-pressure ventilation was all that great.

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