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2015 Dec 2
Mass Shootings

Up to three dudes have decided to shoot up a facility that helps the developmentally disability.

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2015 Dec 4
The Solution to Dangerous People with Guns is More Dangerous People with Guns

I was just joking about it when I said it, but I never really thought that Congress would seriously protect the rights of people on terrorist watch lists to purchase guns without difficulty.

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2016 Feb 22
Quiet and Polite

In what other country would randomly discharging a deadly weapon in a residential neighborhood where children might be present be considered "quiet and polite"? #wtf #murica

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2016 Jun 14
Donald Trump and White Supremacy

The sad thing is that if you think about it, white supremacy has been the concept of what it means to be American since before the beginning. Even in the early 20th century some types of white people were considered unassimilable. This didn't really change until the 1960s which saw the (almost) complete legalization of the citizenship of people of color. But I'm certain lots of Americans still think people of color are unassimilable.

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2016 Jun 15
The Brokenness of American Culture

The way I look at it, the Orlando gunman was solely responsible for his actions. He had his own inner demons and his own murderous intentions.

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2016 Jun 21
ISIS was a Red Herring

Mentioning ISIS was a publicity stunt and everyone clamoring about "radical Islam" fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

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2016 Jul 8
The Howling Hobbesian Wilderness

I think one of the ways our culture contributes to ongoing violence is the way it consecrates and sanctifies Darwinian competition. So ultimately all our relationships are adversarial. You're either for us or against us. You have to pick a side. It's a zero-sum game. There's no room for more complex paradigms involving sincere cooperation and altruism. The idea that we're not just all selfish assholes looking out for #1 is looked upon with utter disdain and contempt.

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2016 Jul 22

While this is the actual dialog between Charles Kelsey and the cop who shot him despite Kelsey being on the floor with his hands up (and the cop was allegedly trying to shoot an autistic man with a toy truck instead), I can't help but feel like this can apply to a lot of things that are done in or by this country.

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