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2000 Oct 20
The Signal-Virtual Receptor Theory of Cognition

I don't know why it should make a difference to think of communication this way, since after all, I don't particularly know aynthing about the current model [of communication.]

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2001 May 6
Suck and Burn

OMG I am such a GEEK. No wonder I can’t get a date.

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2015 Apr 24
waiting for version 1 of Carrot

OK, maybe I need to get off my computer for a while. I saw a Facebook ad that said Carrot 0.99 and Artichoke 1.29 and my first thought was that they were app names and version numbers instead of prices for produce.

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2015 Aug 25
Code Blue on TV

Watched "Fear the Walking Dead" last night on DVR and was highly entertained. But the one thing that really stuck in my mind was that the doc stopped trying to defib a guy who coded after two shocks and the last shock was only at 250 J instead of 360 J. 😀 #‎nerdalert

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2015 Nov 19
Ruby-like Languages

I don't code professionally, but I've been a programming dilettante since I was like eight years old #nerdalert

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2016 Apr 5
Playing a Bard in an RPG

So how did you get your spells? Wizard: through constant study. Cleric: through the grace of my god. Druid: through the blessing of the earth itself. Warlock: through my patron's knowledge. Sorcerer: through my ancestor's power. Bard: Well I just started making fun of a goblin one time and he just like died and it was the weirdest crap ever

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2016 Jul 20
Non-Standard Numbers

I'm sure "non-standard numbers" has a different meaning in the context of finance(?), but now I can't help but imagine that the Windows implementations of integers and floats is somehow bizarrely awry.

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