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2002 Mar 20
Coming Soon?: Itim na Lawin Nabagsak

So the Americans want to come back for a rematch. There are fewer things more deadly than a guy running amok. Let’s hope the Philippines isn’t the first to taste W’s new policy about nuking countries he doesn’t like.

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2007 Sep 6
rivermaya "himala"

It was 1997 when I first heard this song, on the island of Tablas, in the province of Romblon, awaiting a plane to take us back to Manila.

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2008 Nov 13
light my candle

I am burning the candle of my life in the dark
with no one to benefit
from the light.
The candle slowly melts away; soon its wick will be burned out and the light is gone.
If someone will only gather the melted wax, re-shape it, give it a new wick…
for another fleeting moment my candle can once again
light the dark,
be of service
one more time,
and then… goodbye.

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2015 Jul 24
Chris Brown vs. Iglesia ni Cristo

So apparently Chris Brown is being held against his will in the Philippines because of the Iglesia ni Cristo. Karma is weird sometimes.

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2016 Aug 9
Trump vs. Duterte

After Trump declared the Philippines a terrorist nation, Philippine Congressman Joey Salceda has proposed banning Trump from the Philippines.

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