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2015 Jul 14
Neil deGrasse Tyson defends Pope Francis on Climate Change

The Pope employs a dozen full time astrophysicsts as part of the four century old Vatican Observatory. Yes, it's possible to be a supreme holy figure yet still know what you are talking about regarding the climate.

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2015 Oct 26
Warning to the Rich

Just remembering the beginning of the second reading from September 27, when ミA彡 and I starting going back to church.

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2016 Feb 19
Donald Trump vs. the Pope

Donald Trump has decided to pick a fight with the Pope. This should be good.

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2016 Aug 6
Catholicism, Terrorism, and Global Capitalism

Pope Francis understands that the root cause of terrorism are the inequalities caused by the history of imperialism and colonialism and perpetuated by global capitalism.

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