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2008 Mar 8
one man's slack as another man's creative meditation

There is a meme floating around on the blogosphere, promulgated by Duncan Riley's spin on a post by Jason Calcanis of Mahalo fame, and seconded by technophiliac Robert Scoble. The idea is that startup companies cannot afford slackers, so anyone who is not a work-a-holic needs to be fired. (Note that Calcanis has eased off on this statement.)

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2015 Oct 13
Bitter Taste Preferences and Everyday Sadism

Bitter Taste Preferences and Everyday Sadism will be the name of my next band.

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2015 Nov 3
The Nature of Evil

Bryan Edds essentially argues that the reason why software tends to be crappy and code bases tend towards unmaintainability is because there is an inherent flaw in the nature of capitalism.

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2015 Dec 31
The Pursuit of Meaning

On one hand, telling people to just "suck it up" and to simply endure unrelenting injustice while doing absolutely nothing to ameliorate conditions merely telegraphs your privilege.

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2016 Jul 18
Non-Complementary Behavior

On the way to Santa Barbara, ミA彡 and I listened to an episode of Invisibilia about non-complementary behavior.

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2016 Jul 26
Are You Really as Pragmatic as You Say You Are?

Any approach to convincing people to vote for your candidate of choice that does not include listening and empathy is doomed to failure and likely to strengthen their opposition (see also: argumentative theory of reasoning and the backfire effect.) Proceed with caution.1

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