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2015 Apr 30
Election 2016

I know people in swing states who supported Ralph Nader during the 2000 election get a lot of crap for allowing the Bush administration to happen, but, really, Al Gore ran a crappy campaign and the SCOTUS overruled the popular vote. Obviously, the people who actually voted for Bush deserve the brunt of the blame for that administration.

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2015 Jun 26
Marriage Equality

Justice Anthony Kennedy writing the majority opinion on Obergefell v. Hodges, decided 5-4 that same-sex marriage is a right

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2015 Dec 7
No Right to Bear an Assault Rifle

Even this SCOTUS does not think the Second Amendment is totally unlimited. You do not have a constitutionally-protected right to bear assault rifles.

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2016 Feb 17
Scalia is Dead

It was quite shocking to learn that Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead.

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2016 Feb 25
Into the Frying Pan and Out of It Again

In the face of the Republican Party's outright blockade of even considering a nominee for Scalia's vacant seat, there was some talk about Obama possibly nominating Gov. Brian Sandoval (R-NV)

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2016 Feb 26
It's a Conspiracy!

Oh, the crazy shit that flows through my Facebook newsfeed.

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2016 Feb 27
Unintended Consequences

We're already seeing the consequences of having a SCOTUS that can end up in 4-4 ties.

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2016 Mar 17
Merrick Garland

Given the present focus on police brutality, defendant rights, and mass incarceration, the Garland pick is definitely controversial among progressives, but (1) he's still going to swing the court to the left especially since he's replacing Scalia and (2) it's unlikely that Senate will confirm him anyway.

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2016 Jun 24
SCOTUS Upholds Affirmative Action

SCOTUS rules 4-3 to uphold, with Kagan recused. Kennedy writes the majority opinion.

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2016 Jul 8
It Was an Isolated Incident

Justice Sonia Sotomayor's dissent on Utah v. Strieff, a Fourth Amendment case about police searches:

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