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2002 Jan 23
What Day Is It?

Randomness percolating in my brain.

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2003 Jul 1
Via Trails

You can’t really call it stalking can you? It’s not like I’m breaking into their computers or anything….

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2011 Mar 4
how do you know we're not in a simulation?

I just came back from watching "The Adjustment Bureau" and was sufficiently entertained. It did have its slow parts, and the trailers did set me up to expect something subtly different, but I still liked it.

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2015 Nov 30
Belief, Heresy, Islamophobia, and New Atheism

I have flirted with the idea of non-belief for a while now ever since the beginning of my ongoing crisis of faith. It may seem wishy-washy, but I will go as far as agnosticism at most.

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2016 Jul 8
Don Quixote, Neo, and Tyler Durden

I've been binge-watching "The Expanse" and all the Don Quixote references have made me ponder how Cervantes basically anticipated a lot of the themes in "The Matrix" and in "Inception" and it's making my perception of "The Expanse" feel way more Philip K. Dick-ian than it might deserve.

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