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2001 Apr 25
The Final Frontier

Space exploration. The dangers of information and revisionist history. The need for expansion. A way to use the military for peaceful means.

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2007 Aug 6

The Sci-Fi Channel had like six back-to-back episodes of the show “Andromeda”, whose concept was originally conceived by Gene Roddenberry (the creator of the original “Star Trek.”) What made me stop was that Nia Peeples[wikipedia][myspace] was a guest character on a particular episode. It turns out that Lexa Doig[wikipedia][IMDb] is a main character (in fact, the title character.) Why am I not aware of these things?

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2015 May 7
To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before

So in the process of converting old handrolled blog entries to Jekyll I stumbled upon a song from a Rainbow Brite cassette tape that my sister listened to over and over and over again when we were kids and which subsequently embedded itself into my skull.

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2015 Nov 12

Panspermia—the idea that the life started off-planet and managed to seed the Earth—is a recurrent trope in science fiction.

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2015 Nov 13
To Boldly Go

The Internet was abuzz earlier this month with the announcement from CBS that they were working on a new Star Trek series as the flagship of their streaming service.

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2015 Dec 1
Enterprise vs. The Millenium Falcon

NdGT's reasoning for why he prefers the Enterprise over the Millenium Falcon is different than I expected, but I would've said it's because the warp drive (AKA the Alcubierre Drive) is actually being worked on, whereas we really have no idea whether hyperspace actually exists (although String Theory necessitates its existence) and opening controllable wormholes permanently linked to places in the Universe that we can specify seems even more unlikely than generating a warp field.

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2016 Jan 22
Star Wars vs. Star Trek

In Star Wars, the State is the enemy and the Rebellion is a libertarian/anarchocapitalist-religious fundamentalist utopia that glorifies asymmetric warfare/terrorism while in Star Trek, the State is a (mostly) benevolent democratic socialist utopia that emphasizes diplomacy and peacemaking.

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2016 Feb 22
Life is Like a Garden

It's been a year since Leonard Nimoy posted his last tweet.

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2016 Mar 15
Post-hegemonic Foreign Policy

Somewhat tangential to her post, but R makes a good point: what constitutes "progressive" foreign policy?

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2016 Jul 23
Enterprise is Still Canon

It really cracks me up that while the Star Trek reboot totally altered the Prime Universe from TOS and beyond, "Star Trek: Enterprise" is still necessarily canon.

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