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2015 Jun 23
Mass Killings and Mental Illness

It’s not about mental illness: The big lie that always follows mass shootings by white males • 2015 Jun 18 • Arthur Chu • Salon

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2015 Jun 24
White American Terrorists

White Americans Are Biggest Terror Threat in U.S.: Study • 2015 Jun 24 • NBC News

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2015 Dec 3

It's been almost three years since Sandy Hook and here we are at square one again after 14 people have been murdered and 21 people wounded in San Bernardino.

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2015 Dec 4
Terrorism or Not, We Still Need Sensible Gun Laws

Tashfeen Malik, one of the shooters in the San Bernardino tragedy two days ago and wife of the other shooter, Syed Farook, apparently expressed admiration of an ISIS leader before carrying out the attack.

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2015 Dec 7
Political Correctness, Mass Shootings, Terrorist Attacks

So some people are blaming "political correctness" for the San Bernardino attacks because people weren't reporting suspicious activity for fear of "appearing racist". So does that mean we should be reporting "pro-lifers" like Robert Lewis Dear or neo-Confederates like Dylann Roof, or does this just apply to Muslim Americans?

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2015 Dec 16
San Bernardino and the Media

So I'm keeping my #ConspiracyTheories in abeyance, but at the very least, the #MSM fucked this up.

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2016 Jan 22
Star Wars vs. Star Trek

In Star Wars, the State is the enemy and the Rebellion is a libertarian/anarchocapitalist-religious fundamentalist utopia that glorifies asymmetric warfare/terrorism while in Star Trek, the State is a (mostly) benevolent democratic socialist utopia that emphasizes diplomacy and peacemaking.

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2016 Mar 1
Osama Bin Laden and Climate Change

For some, this is evidence that some causes cross all ideological lines and even a theocratic sociopathic mass murderer (no, I'm not talking about Ted Cruz) can care about the planet. For others, this is proof positive that acting against climate change is doing the bidding of terrorists.

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2016 Mar 22
Brussels and Istanbul

Fascinating how we're all Brussels now but we were never all Istanbul.

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2016 Mar 22
Religion and Terrorism

The simplistic answer is that certain religions are inherently violent, but this is not that useful of a response, because in truth, every religion can be fashioned into a weapon which people can wield to justify murder and conquest.

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2016 Aug 6
Catholicism, Terrorism, and Global Capitalism

Pope Francis understands that the root cause of terrorism are the inequalities caused by the history of imperialism and colonialism and perpetuated by global capitalism.

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