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2007 Aug 31
september already?!?!


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2007 Sep 13
they might be giants "older"

A humorous paen to aging and mortality.

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2007 Dec 5

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2007 Dec 10
still chasing starlight/the relationship of music and spacetime

I think it might’ve been Sirius, the dog star, in the southern sky that lit my way tonight, like a beacon, brighter than the ambient glow of the urban sprawl before me, but I only have a faint grasp of celestialography, so I could be wrong.

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2007 Dec 31

In six months, my plan for the future will officially run out.

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2008 Mar 14
semantics of time

I must admit that I like the fact that the sun is still up when I come home from work. It gives me the illusion that my time off from work is much longer than it actually is. Waking up in the morning sucks big time, though. Nothing makes you want to pull the covers back over your head than waking up to your alarm clock, looking outside the window, and finding it pitch black.

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2008 Jun 10
yet the arrow of time

I randomly went home on Sunday. I woke up around 6 a.m. outside my own volition, without any alarms, and decided it would be a good idea to hop on a train and head up to L.A. I pretty much just ate something like six meals and watched cable TV with my dad. We watched a bunch of westerns.

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2008 Sep 23
does it make sense to mourn what never was?

Since you and I never came to be—

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2009 Feb 28

In these silent moments, I wander my thoughts
the wrack and ruin of the years gone by
the tumult and the despair
the small victories, the trifling triumphs
in all this havoc, I marvel at
how Time consumes possibility
like a ravening beast, it rends apart Chance
rasping the meat off its bones,
reveling in blood and spent breath
and inevitability is what it excretes
Fate is the spoor of Time

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2010 Apr 14
life? don't talk to me about life

The other day I was eating by myself at a restaurant and happened to overhear a heart-to-heart conversation between (two people who I assumed to be) a father and his teenage son. The father had (something like) this to say:

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2015 Jul 23
Jekyll timestamps and timezones

It just occurred to me that the way Jekyll handles timestamps and generates permalinks to posts is not ideal for me.

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2016 Jul 8
Not So Synchronous

In some tangential synchronicity to this post about Don Quixote I learned from digging through some Ruby documentation that Cervantes and Shakespeare did not in fact die on the same day, since Spain had already adopted the Gregorian calendar at that point while England was still on the Julian calendar.

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2016 Jul 15
At the Mouth of Monkeypatching Hell

For a while now, I've been trying to figure out a way to decrease the amount of time it takes [Jekyll][1] to render my blog. It now takes up to 6-8 minutes, which seems rather excessive.

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