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2007 Oct 5
obviousman strikes again

Truism #31415: No one likes being called an asshole. Especially when they deserve it.

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2015 Jun 23
The Confederacy was a Bunch of Traitors

The Confederate flag should not come down because it is offensive to African Americans. The Confederate flag should come down because it is embarrassing to all Americans • Ta-Nehisi Coates

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2015 Jun 24
Massacre in Charleston

Massacre in Charleston was, based on applicable law and released materials, hate crime and act of terrorism. Domestic threat is substantial

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2016 Jan 19
The Perpetuation of White Supremacy

Despite the well-documented existence of systemic/institutionalized racism that exists as a superset of overt racism, many naive antagonists still retort with "anyone can be racist regardless of skin color" as a way to deflect criticism of inherently racist structures.

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2016 Feb 25
The Problem with Classical Liberalism and Classical Marxism

I already know Sanderistas will argue about whether or not Clinton is sincere about talking about white privilege and institutionalized racism, but I am certain that Sanders trying to fix the problems caused by racism indirectly by only trying to fix the problems caused by income inequality is going to fail hard and may even backfire horribly.1

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2016 Jun 14
Donald Trump and White Supremacy

The sad thing is that if you think about it, white supremacy has been the concept of what it means to be American since before the beginning. Even in the early 20th century some types of white people were considered unassimilable. This didn't really change until the 1960s which saw the (almost) complete legalization of the citizenship of people of color. But I'm certain lots of Americans still think people of color are unassimilable.

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2016 Jul 19
Master of Deflection

In Trump's America™, it's Hillary Clinton's fault that Melania Trump's speechwriters plagiarized Michelle Obama's speech.

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